However, I currently work with a PhD math major who is white.Here is the only thing about math majors, Pat, they are VERY eccentric. Only after John Glenn's death are we hearing of his admiration for them. You can consider yourselves a minority in regards to the levels of crime we commit. I saw Hidden Figures with my entire class in Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies. One of these movies features a planet-destroying super-weapon, a badly burned multiple amputee in a walking iron lung, space fighters performing airplane like maneuvers in a planetary atmosphere, hand held laser weapons and some sort of half-assed hocus-pocus called "the Force". And she certainly wasn't a "physicist", as she is sometimes referred to. Off topic:The Chicago police department is under fire again from the DOJ and Chicago politicians. I haven't been to the movies in close to a decade. So why have we not heard anything about them? I had no idea that NYC had so many White rapists until TV told me so. By the way anyone know if any of those highly advanced black civilizations in Africa have put anything in orbit yet. This show takes place around WWI, when every young British woman's life ambition was to get married and have lots of kids. Just going along with the "correct" opinion? In many cases bringing a gun was not even needed. I have not seen nor plan on seeing this waste ….but if someone could clue me in on whether or not will smith busted in midway through portraying John Glenn….? These women were called "computers" – meaning they performed calculations on a spread-sheet using mechanical calculators. Women have been novelists in America, in Europe and in the Orient, but until last year no woman had ever earned a Fields Metal. The space race was a large scale appendage measuring contest fuelled by virulent nationalism, but the hollow absurdity of the Cold War is never once called into question. She's a White woman with a trace of black genetics. Katherine Johnson, mathematician and real-life subject of 'Hidden Figures,' dies at 101 Johnson helped pave the way for NASA achievements. Come on now. I had a full academic scholarship but I had to TA as a calculus teacher. The other space movie, "The Martian" was also based on a true story. From Poitier and Bellafonte in the 60's to Will Smith guiding Damon through a golf tourney and saving the planet from space aliens with the help of a swarthy Chosenite. I thought VDARE put up some good arguments against this movie. There were damn sure NO negroes working on the Russian space program. Read the newspaper, read magazines, read supermarket circulars. 1: ‘We will not be erased’, all because she can do 10th grade arithmetic, His Name Is Tommie Lindh: 19-Year-Old Swede Murdered by African Migrant When He Tried to Stop Him from Raping a Swedish Girl, White Married Couple Attacked in Nashville by Machete-Wielding Black Male Angry About Coronavirus Shutdown, Her Name Is Rosalie Cook: 80-Year-Old White Grandmother Murdered by Black Career Criminal Out on Bond (67 Prior Arrests), No NRA Members or White Gun Owners to Blame, No Corporate Media Coverage: 13 People Shot When Black Shooter Opens Fire at Memorial Service for Murdered Black Male, Why Not Just Make It Illegal to Hire Whites? Combine the punning title with a “Based on true events” opening title cards, and you could pretty much make up the rest in your head. Saw the poster on a bus shelter. The Russians got theirs the same place we did:  Robert H. Goddard, improved and expanded upon by German rocket scientists headed by Werner von Braun. The Senate seniority system, committee chairmanships and the love of Wisconsin for dairy subsidies has a lot more to do with that than Affirmative Blaction. They clearly can't control themselves enough to have guns. Anyone else heard of this? I have heard lots of vile racists call a black man a 'boy' or a ni**er but only in the movies – never real people in real life. Does this mean that Africans-in-America are going to start supporting the manned space program instead of demanding that taxpayer moneys are going to be dumped into more welfare state and more civil rites programs? Damned white, hetero, cisgendered men are good for nothing (other than creating virtually everything that comprises the modern world). Negroes eat these kind of movies up because it stokes their egos and makes them feel good about themselves. I won't go out to a movie theater and buy a ticket to see it and I won't pay to see it on Amazon cable, but I may watch it if it is free on Netflix. What is the derivative of f(x) = 2X + 5. … But I understand you can't make a movie with 300 characters. The Space Shuttle's design was screwed up by the Pentagon over-specifying and Proxmire under-funding, and there weren't any darkies in the management ranks when those decisions were made. Yeah she's a real honey all right. I'll never know, I'll never watch it.". I'll never know, I'll never watch it.Ohiogirl. they dont want you. They also built the Railroads, invented the Automobile, Telephone and Television. The main women in the story, Katherine Johnson, had a bachelors degree in math. Good to listen to. Does anyone doubt that when the Obama biopic is made, no doubt sanctifying the fool, it will feature images of screaming, out of control racist whites shouting epithets and throwing bananas at him during the Inauguration? As you know, the Mercury program was designed to take food out of the mouths of beautiful African-American children. i believe you're called "white trash" for a reason. There are some excellent stories about women being told right now. Anyone who has worked in any area with higher math knows that there are almost no women or blacks in the field. Little White Lies was established in 2005 as a bi-monthly print magazine committed to championing great movies and the talented people who make them. Had I been seen dating (or even so much as being friendly to) a negro, I would've been yanked home by my hair and given a stern lecture on staying away from the "moolies". Oldest of the bunch shoots and kills both of them. The there's their charming ooking and screeching about "racism" And don't forget: your power tools always grow legs and leave the job site when Negroes are around. I went to a coin collector site and 60% of the comments on the coin were (shall we say) less than complimentary. Postal Employee Murdered by Black Male (As She Tried to Deliver Him His Trump Bucks/Coronavirus Stimulus Checks), Remember -- White Flight Was the Original Social Distancing: Blacks in Chicago Disproportionately Hit By Coronavirus as They Continue to Have Massive House Parties (White Racism Still Blamed as Cause of Pandemic), WRAL (Raleigh, NC), Scripps Media and Houston Chronicle Cease Publishing Mugshots of Criminals Because They Are "Reinforcing or Creating Stereotypes"... Too Many Non-White Faces, Top 3 Reasons to Doubt the Ahmaud "Just a Jogger" Arbery Narrative, ""Hidden Figures" Is Almost Entirely a Lie, Filmed and Promoted for One Reason: Erase/Retcon White History in America",,,, American Pravda: the Power of Organized Crime, American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion. Where the film excels, though, is in allowing the three leads room to breath, and a stirring courtroom monologue by Monáe in which she demands to be enrolled in a whites only engineering college offers a rousing reminder that rational demands cannot be easily ignored. wow, with all of this on her calendar when does the mammy mafia have time to do real work? I asked him about 'hidden figures'. She has had the best of both worlds; most of her life she "passed", now she takes advantage of the "one drop rule". Just finished watching John Wayne starring in the "Searchers" probably one of his greatest! My family (extended and large) still live in South Philly. Then they order a large lunch and don't tip the delivery person. More P.C. John Glenn wasn’t that young when he went into space. "Shiahonni is at best an octaroon, but more likely a quadroon. I figured this was pure revisionist history that grossly over exaggerates these Black women's role in putting a man on the moon. Yikes. From the earlier photos, she looks like a sixteentharoon, or maybe a thirtysecondaroon. I expect this one will fair far worse. You clearly lack the pattern-recognition skills that Google image software has attained as of two years ago when they labeled multiple pictures of blacks as "ape. Maybe he would refute these supposed facts. People would rather hide their heads in the sand or build up fantasy worlds and pretend their real than admit the truth of black Africans and their incompatibility with civilization. The point is the film was about the settling of the Am. Liberals will not stop until they have Brazil 2.0 along with daily programs about how Whites only conspired to get where they are. They can't tell what's plausible and what's not. There were no new releases of any significance. There has been a recent fad of right white liberals watching historical European shows such as Downton Abbey, Call of the Midwife, etc. Girls just are not very good in math. In any case, take heart. In somber tones, the historian said the movie told two stories, one of the negros struggle for acceptance and the other of our battle with the now evil again Russians for control of space. She struggled and overcame the prejudice of Jim Crow era Cape Canaveral to compute the numbers which white supremacists took credit for when they flew John Glenn to the Moon. If these Black women had done this, they would have been all over the news and in all the history books in school many years ago in today's Black worshiping America. One of the incidents recounted pertained to some concern Glenn had prior to the flight. Glenn, a Marine fighter pilot in WWII and Korea, was the first American to orbit the earth in 1962. Which superpower is more threatened by its “extractive elites”? Movie 'hidden figures' was full of mostly LIES and FAKE stories about racism in 1960's. in 4 out of 5 movies today the smartest guy in the room is a black guy, the hero, the genius, the voice of reason, etc.. Google the new lady liberty.. i can't bring myself to link to nytimes. Barry Jenkins’ low-key examination of black life in America is an aching romance of the very highest order. Nope these moron SJW liberals think these blacks want to be friends with them, THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR FIREND. I'd like to point out how dubious the box office numbers for this movie are. As a female Civil Engineer for over 10 years, I find this type of hype frustrating. I have not seen an interview of anyone who can actually confirm the amazing accomplishments of the black human computers. There are few of us in the world because most women do not have the personality and mathematical intelligence to do advanced Science and Engineering. First off, based on the months of heavy marketing in this movie, Hollywood and the Left wanted and NEEDED it to be a "number 1 hit". This Oscar-nominated feel-good ensemble drama is already the highest-grossing film fronted by African-American actresses, with an international haul of US$155million (Dh569 million) to date. Every single "ALT-RIGHT" posted thought is being slowly but surely expunged by the (((owners))) of the internets. If your race had nothing to show for itself since the dawn of time except mud huts, you'd be desperate to believe anything that denied the reality. Maybe there’s a poetry to the fact that a film about mathematics is completely schematic? It turns out that the subject was identified in the VENONA decrypts as forwarding secrets to the (((Rosenbergs))) who he denied knowing. A year ago I had never heard of any amazing black NASA mathematician, but then one suddenly appeared. and the they ae just like us insanity is to be found elsewhere…warning: images can induce nausea… I was done with marvel movies when they made Nick Fury black. Sounds about right. I see them on TV playing beach volleyball every chance I can. I hope you don't have daughters that you brainwash with your misogynistic bullshit. Leave a Reply - Comments on articles more than two weeks old will be judged much more strictly on quality and tone. But then again, so is Mick. Hidden Figures is engaging, entertaining and enlightening – but by playing fast and loose with historical fact, it risks blunting some of the story’s eye-opening emotional force.. you white society social rejects cant handle the TRUTH. I'm sure there are many more movies in the works that will do the same. It seems they were all unlucky victims of separate freak trolley accidents. you're so tough, through a keyboard while being anonymous… LMAO. Katherine Johnson: the “black” woman who did 10th grade math and is, Admittedly, Katherine Johnson faced no discrimination at NASA (. Hey, white people! The groid was shot, but regrettably only wounded.Such stories are the real backbone of black society, not the pastel imagery of lies propagated by white enablers. You're generous with that "octaroon" tag (mighty white of ya). [, The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection. Liberals cannot stand how White modern history is. OK…what does that mean? Sometimes it's for union events which she never turns into the union. Hidden Figures earned three Oscar noms (Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay) and took home the Screen Actors Guild … Are you kidding me? Some other commemorative coins that were produced in the 100,000 range in the past pretty much sold only half of that figure or less. albeit it, KKK hoods? you dumb motherfuckers cant handle the truth. Why do we see nothing taking off, especially manned space flight? I like the marvel comic book movies, but not enough to fund (((them)))woods rewriting of white history. Then there's this from The Irish Savant –, Cray Supercomputer “Who” my old buddy Mick asked me, ‘invented the super computer?’ ‘Seymour Cray of course’ I answered smugly. This is propaganda of the highest order. My grandfather, an Italian immigrant, often told jokes about "John the Wop" that I never understood. Can someone please be ‘edgy’ and make the MLK Jr. movie with a White actor? As usual, YT laws need to be changed/dumbed-down because they can't adhere to them without complaining. Nothing about your background or education surprises me. It will be a massive fail. Those Russians had nothing to do with it. Or is there an orchestrated "push" taking place? They go to rob someone for drugs or money and then needlessly shoot the guy. When you get into the 60's, diversity starts seeping in and the stories become less plausible. Had someone call me to find out if I was available for work, he says, they might want women of color only . How exactly is the US government more efficient with "integration" than it was back, say, in the 1940s or 1950s? After lunch, more phone calls to relatives down south about her son's most recent arrest, a call to her podiatrist and doctor to get more prescription Oxycontin. "…just sayin'…" that's how black people talk, RIGHT???? Consider how during those terrible, terrible days of segregation, the federal government could build trans-national highways, pull the nation out of the Great Depression, win world wars, and even put Americans on the Moon. L et’s get one thing out of the way: Theodore Melfi’s Hidden Figures is not a good movie. Sharing a table with her is Paul Stafford, a scowling, pantomime villain played by Jim Parsons and a character who is placed within the story solely with the job of enacting all the humiliating rites that come with segregation. There are women taller than me of course. The show, as you can guess, had very few white artists, an agenda of white guilt and gibs us mo" mo' mo', and the last part was celebrating the African American "artists" who invented hip hop and rap. By Emily Shapiro. Now that I think about it, how much longer do think it will be until Alexander Hamilton is suddenly declared to have been black? Plenty of my friends and relatives used such language but not in front of them. Like “You can't leave the show," King told Nichols. They may not have had blacks, but they were shoving gays down the audiences throat, and hard. I often heard men called faggots or queers – very often – but I simply don't remember all these racial slurs except in the movies. I got my first job after grad school as a management consultant on the basis of my math background. Well, you do know that the Tuskegee blacks won the air war in WW2?? They also claim they built and flew pyramids, of all things. This was "based on a true story." A last-minute awards contender with a pretty poor title. I've noted this before in a previous comment, but there are several sections lauding the role of (((them))) in the special rights movement. So while I've never been a good enough mathematician to go to MIT or Caltech – I know a thing or two and I've seen a thing or two. Enough of this fantasy bs. Overall, Hidden Figures is an enjoyable but limited film, despite excellent performances from its female leads. in 4 out of 5 movies today the smartest guy in the room is a black guy, the hero, the genius, the voice of reason, etc. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if a movie was made about the Revolutionary War and British General Cornwallis was depicted as a fool who would have won the war for Britain if only he'd listened to all the sage advice from a super intelligent and all knowing negro. Jan 13, 2016 - Explore Janet Hein Britton's board "Hidden art ", followed by 124 people on Pinterest. She was one of tens of thousands of technical workers in the US Space Program. Spencer is a native of Montgomery, Alabama, which she claims is the proverbial buckle of the Bible belt. Anonymous said ”How far the have to dig to find historical blacks to write about.Nasa has had soome other blacks working for them throughout the years. ... A Nation Drowning in Lies: Massive Lies and the Largest Fraudulent Election in History ← In 2015, Police in Japan Fired Just Six... "Liberty Is Never Unalienable; It Must ... →, Hyped Figures: John Glenn And The PC Myth Of Katherine Johnson–Unsung Black Women Were NOT What Got Us To The Moon, Why Not A Movie About Jack Crenshaw?—The White Man Who Actually Did What HIDDEN FIGURES Credits To Black Women, the script writers made all the racism she faced up, cast celebrates as film hits No. If it weren't for their myths and lies, they'd have nothing. This was a common way of solving differential equations during the 40s and 50s, and – apparently – up through the early 1960s. It wasn't that long ago that it didn't exist, and what was printed in books was gospel. ., Typical Hollywood trash. Let’s see some amazing facts and trivia about it! Black women in federal and government jobs, do the following – make a big breakfast in the break room on the clock, talk on the phone to their aunt, godmother, church, credit agency, son's probation officer, son's lawyer, son's arresting officer, children of other sons, children of cousins. Which brings up a point: if black females bring all sorts of skills — including "courage" — to civil service jobs (see the posters for "Hidden Figures") why then is the federal bureaucracy so inefficient? A seemingly endless chain of racism, sexism occasionally interrupted by asides that happen to be space-related. Sixth grade math– 10th grade math is actually rather advanced in this day and age. Well in Glory at least they don't change the true ending which is that Fort Wagner was never taken. There should also be a coda before the credits which mentions that these "saviors of the space program" were not mentioned in the memoirs of any of the Mercury astronauts. But they havent been celebrated, with good reason. It was one of the few things I really enjoyed back in Chemistry. I remember in the 60's when they started injecting darkies into westerns. The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century. Another mystery was the fact that the majority of uncles that were his generation (my great-uncles, I guess) only had 9 fingers. It turned out to be a propaganda for just black people I guess. I've noticed that the media uses b&w pictures of her and they probably adjust the contrast a bit. How far the have to dig to find historical blacks to write about.Nasa has had soome other blacks working for them throughout the years. Mars is, afterall, a real planet, right? The Asian Americans, Native Americans, etc., now have every right to stand up and say, "Where is OUR freaking museum??" wtf do you think you're doing right NOW? story of the Tuskegee Airmen who single handedly won WWII. This movie, like so much in the world of the groid, is a twisting of limited facts and moments in history, a history that does not contain notable contributions of this inferior race. Guess I'm a super rare, super smart, special snowflake too! File it under the "Magic Negro" genre of film classics. I'm surprised as shit no one has posted this yet:, What a joke… I wonder if black people watching the film said, "I don't get it… When is the black woman gonna come on? By the way anyone know if any of those highly advanced black civilizations in Africa have put anything in orbit yet.". "We are there because you are there." I can't even tell what exactly John Glenn wanted "the girl" to confirm before his flight. I will say, though, it is easy to find black women who are good at math. It’s then the job of Kevin Costner’s top man Al Harrison to essentially chide his discriminatory tactics and show that a national fight to touch the stars should not be hampered on race and gender lines. The movie is one long lie. Black women made Hidden Figures a momentary box office “hit”… hilarious. [Why Not A Movie About Jack Crenshaw?—The White Man Who Actually Did What HIDDEN FIGURES Credits To Black Women,, January 10, 2017].

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