Best Bullet Vibrators for 2019

Bullet vibrators are a great beginning point for you in case you want to begin adventuring through the world of sex toys. They are little, cute, easy to use, and unintimidating. However, in spite of their cute appearance, they pack a real punch along with the best bullet vibrators are capable of a number of the most intense orgasms of your life. Andthe cool thing is -- you do not even have to add anything inside of yourself -- they function just through external clitoral stimulation!

After careful testing and evaluation of ten different bullet vibrators, I became dedicated to finding the very ideal bullet vibrator in life. I discussed and shared my findings with other reviewers, and we our favorites. It was that we all had relatively similar opinions, as the We-Vibe Tango took 1 place in almost everybody's lists.

We contrasted every important quality of a fantastic bullet vibrator and examined how each candidate begins with every other. In doing this, I discovered a select few bullet vibrators consistently came out along with the best performers in virtually every class. I found the We-Vibe Tango are the absolute best bullet vibrator in terms of general performance, both within my general opinion. Let us have a closer look:

We-Vibe Tango

The Tango from We-Vibe is a highly effective, easy, and powerful bullet vibrator. Additionally, it's not as pricey as some other luxurious bullets. In general, it is the very best bullet vibrator there is.

Even the We-Vibe Tango is, undoubtedly, among the best bullet vibrators in existence. Its motor is remarkably strong despite the tiny size (3.25 inches) and also the battery is USB-rechargeable. The Tango includes four distinct power settings and four distinct designs of vibrations and all of them feel ecstatic. The beginning vibrations are slow and mild, but after you build your way around the higher settings -- then you are in for a treat. An orgasmic cure, that's.

Even the We-Vibe Tango outshone all of its competitors in the very beginning. The plan of the Tango is simple, lovely, and very effective. The material feels silky smooth to the touch, fully watertight and how big it is so small that you would not feel the power this infant possesses when you glance at it. I really don't know what We-Vibe didn't attain this power in this small body.

The We-Vibe Tango was created for all experience levels, from beginners to advanced users. It is unintimidating and petite, although the vibrations on the highest intensity manners are so strong about the Tango that even the most seasoned sex toy users may discover no difficulties achieving orgasms without a stimulation except just the Tango. The tip of the bullet vibrator is designed to excite your sweet spot with pinpoint precision, resulting in deep, rumbly and incredibly intense climaxes.

Anyone using a clitoris will fall in love with this toy. It is incredibly powerful, quiet, and well-designed. Honestly, I would suggest that the We-Vibe Tango as the ideal choice for every one of you, regardless of what your experience level is. The shaking patterns and intensities are broad enough so that there's something for everybody -- they vary from gentle buzzing to heavy rumbling waves moving through your body.

It's the ideal bullet vibrator in terms of design. It's the ideal bullet vibrator in terms of the energy, the vibration patterns, the total value... everything! It is only the best! I could keep going but I suppose that is enough!

Lelo Lyla two

The Lelo Lyla 2 is a high-end bullet vibrator made for sex toy enthusiasts prepared to pay a top. It is very high-quality, powerful, and it has a sexy and unique design. It has the SenseMotion™ technology, which allows you to control the vibrations of the bullet together with movement sensors. Pretty crazy!

The Lelo Lyla 2 is likely the most innovative bullet vibrator in life. It was intended for those of you who enjoy advanced features and innovation on your toys. I liked the vibration patterns and shaking strengths, since this baby is actually strong. The plan is extremely lavish and complete, the material seems the best out of any bullet vibrator that I have ever tried.

It is promoted as the very best bullet vibrator in life, but is it actually the best of the best? In my opinion, no.

Even if the price tag has been decreased to equal that of the Tango, I'd select the Tango over the Lyla 2. The general performance of the mini massager is excellent and it required the second ranking in my record, however the price tag isalso my estimation, only too high.

The SenseMotion technology has been interesting and pleasurable for me at first. But following a few weeks, I discovered that I'd stopped using it entirely. Employing motion to control the vibrations causes for some fantastic fun in the bedroom with your partner. However, when you use this by yourself it's a really underwhelming attribute -- you may as well just use your handsfree. There are also some issues with the remote controller on this particular bullet, as it tends to disconnect quite readily. The remote loses connection without notice way too frequently and the vibration intensity does not compensate for all these problems.

I recommend the Tango over the Lyla two for most of you, but if you're interested to find out what the SenseMotion tech appears and feels like, go ahead and get the Lyla two, you might grow to love it!

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

Inexpensive bullet vibrator which has good value for the cost. It is modest, discreet and enjoyable, the same as a bullet vibrator ought to be. But it's not USB-rechargeable, meaning you will have to buy fresh batteries for it often, and while the vibrations are powerful, they can't compete with all the Tango.

For all those of you on a tight budget, you may be enticed by the lower price tag of this Tracey Cox Supersex bullet vibrator. It's pleasurable, the vibrations are powerful and it's both very simple to use and simple to wash. It's an excellent option for beginners who don't have any experience with vibrators but want a decent vibrator to test the grounds with. You will go through the intense clitoral massaging that bullet vibrators are capable of, without developing a huge dent in your bank accounts.

However, the shortage of USB-rechargeability along with the plastic material used puts it nicely behind my best pick, the We-Vibe Tango. It's also not nearly as powerful the Tango, but I suppose for the price I can't complain all that much. The vibrations are nice and rumbly -- exactly how I like them. But following the ability of the We-Vibe Tango, the best bullet vibrator, '' I guess I was waiting for a little more spiciness.

I can recommend Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator to beginners who need a basic and affordable bullet vibrator to start with. But, I don't advise this to experienced shoppers who want the best of the very best. To truly get the ideal bullet vibrator, you'll have to maximize your budget a little bit. In my mind, the expense is more than worthwhile.

Lelo Mia two

The sleek Lelo Mia 2 bullet vibrator has an eye-catching layout which looks identical to a tube of lipstick. It's easy to use, USB-rechargeable, completely silent and the vibrations are extremely satisfying. However, I discovered the vibration patterns around the Tango to become more powerful and wide-ranged.

The Lelo Mia 2 is a fantastic, strong bullet vibrator in its regard. The plan is just one of the best I have ever come across and I really like that it resembles a normal USB stick if you choose the bottom cap away and start charging it. Coupled with the fully silent motor it's by far the most discreet bullet vibrator I have come across. You could leave it to the table of your own area, buzzing around, and no one would realize that it's a vibrator. It is that stealthy! Okay, maybe other women will have a few doubts, but you get the point!

But following the profound and rumbly clitoral vibrations of the Tango, I understood right away that the Lelo Mia 2 wasn't any match for this in terms of absolute power. While the price tag is a bit cheaper, personally I would pick the vibrations of this Tango within the Mia two daily. The Mia 2 completed in long orgasm sessions, where you're edging yourself close to the orgasm for quite a long time period until eventually reaching the protracted and effective orgasm.

I would recommend that the We-Vibe Tango within the Mia 2 for most of you, but for those of you who love mild and prolonged masturbation sessions or finish discreetness, subsequently the Mia 2 will probably be an excellent choice. The orgasm will take longer to achieve, but after you get there you will have a long and powerful orgasm ensured.

Rocks Off Ammunition RO-80mm

Decent silver bullet vibrator using a cheap price tag, and also a simple but efficient layout. It packs some power, but not as much as about the high-end bullets on this listing. I did not like the plastic material and the simple fact that it is not USB-rechargeable.

This mini-vibrator from Rocks Off plays well because of its price. It is small, silent, unintimidating and powerful. The layout really looks like a bullet, as it's a sharp end. Bullets using a flatter conclusion are meant to be used for pinpoint positioning on the clitoris. If or not a horizontal end or sharp end is greater on a bullet vibrator is left up to discussion, however I personally ranked the layout of this We-Vibe Tango greater compared to Rocks-Off, even though both of them are sharp-ended. I believed the ending was too sharp on the Rocks Off, and rather than pinpoint accuracy, it rather created some un-comfortability once I used it.

It's very simple to use, since it only has one button which turns the vibrator off and on. It only has one vibration feature, which seems powerful, but I'd prefer some more variety. This bullet vibrator also needs 1.5V N type batteriesthat can be included, however unless you're planning to use it just for 2 hours complete, you'll have to purchase many, many more of those batteries. Overall, it is a good option if you prefer the style and design of silver bullet vibrators.

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator

Silver bullet vibrator with three speeds and seven patterns to choose from. It's a sexy design and the overall performance was good. It's strong and the alternative of vibration patterns is very good for the price. However, it is noisy and it drains its batteries promptly.

A silver bullet vibrator! These will be the best bullet vibrators concerning design and hot looks, for sure, but not always in terms of performance and power. It is powerful and enjoyable and it has a wide variety of vibration patterns and speeds to pick from. The vibrations all feel deep and buzzy, just like people on a luxury bullet vibrator, however perhaps not as fantastic as the... you guessed it! The Tango!

If you do not mind the noisiness and also the deficiency of battery life rechargeability, then this silver bullet vibrator will offer you good value for such a inexpensive price. If you're on a very tight budget, then it is a good choice, but it is nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary.

Want Luxury USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Bullet massager with a USB-rechargeable battery, also a more sleek and practical design. It has 3 speeds plus 17 different vibration patterns to choose from. Its overall performance is excellent, but it's relatively expensive and I discovered the two other mini vibrators within this price range (the Tango and the Mia two ) performed much better overall.

This bullet massager from Desire Luxury is a high-quality product in virtually every category in which a bullet massager needs to carry out well. It has great battery life, USB-rechargeability, a fantastic design and a fantastic array of vibrations. The silicone casing feels silky smooth and ideal, and I'd say the material feels greater compared to the Tango and the Mia 2.

Although the vibrations have a extensive assortment of patterns and speeds, I found their general functionality not on par with all the We-Vibe Tango along with the Mia two, which explains the reason why I rated them higher in my list. The vibrations were quite nice, they had been deep and rumbly on the Desire Luxury, also I enjoyed the wide range really much. On the other hand, the pinpoint precision of the suggestion of the Tango was designed so flawlessly that no additional bullet vibrator comes close to it. I know I keep talking about the We-Vibe Tango over and over and above, but I simply can not get around just how great it is!

The Desire Luxury Bullet Vibrator is an adequate option for anybody, but get adequate as soon as you can get excellent?

Who's Bullet Vibrators Meant for?

Bullet vibrators are among the most popular forms of vibrators in recent decades. And, to me, it comes as no real surprise. They're fantastic for both solo and couple's usage, and they are an excellent starting point for people who don't have any previous experience with sex toys. Bullet vibrators are very small, powerful and quite easy to use. They don't require any complex techniques to get started and they are a few of the most discreet sex toys in life.

Thus, I would state that bullet vibrators are an superb suit for just about all women out there. Any clitoris will benefit immensely in the stimulation of a good-quality bullet vibrator!

Look at getting yourself a bullet vibrator though:

  • You want a vibrator that is stealthy, discreet and silent and will never be discovered by people near to you.
  • You love intense clitoral stimulation from the outside, instead of long and bulky inner vibrators that you've got to insert.
  • You want a vibrator which is versatile enough to be used both solo and with your partner during sex.
  • You would like something that is cheap and that will not push one back an entire months salary.
  • You desire a vibrator which is easy to use, under any circumstances.
  • You are searching for a little but amazingly strong vibrator.

I really could go on with all of the reasons to possess one of the best bullet vibrators on this list, but I'm sure you get the point. Bullet vibrators really are excellent in every way conceivable. Despite my massive sex toy set, they're still one of my go-to-picks for fast and powerful clitoral orgasms!

Why You Should Trust Me

I've been a passionate sex toy person for more than ten years in this time, and likewise an enthusiastic sex toy reviewer for a number of years, so that I have some expertise behind my own back. All of my buddies call me mad for putting so much work and effort into comparing vibrators, however I do not think that it's crazy at all. It is just my enthusiasm and you can't always choose what your fire is. My fire may be quirky, but boy is it fun!

Nothing attracts me much satisfaction as sitting behind my desk and assessing every detail of sexual toys I managed to get my hands on. Those moments where I am trying out vibrators in my mattress using a laptop next to me, detailing every positive and negative element of my session, would be the moments I live for!

While I examine a sexual toy I take absolutely everything under consideration. I examine the sturdiness of this substance, the strength of the vibrations, and the battery lifetime, the ease of use, the cost... I evaluate each possible feature in order to be able to provide a last recommendation on what product to buy.

Overall, I think that my intense review methodology is the principal aspect which sets me apart from most other sex toy consumers. I go the extra length to ensure I understand what I am discussing, and that I can back my speaking up with proof.

Features of a Top Bullet Vibrator

There are a few thing that you need to take under consideration prior to purchasing a bullet vibrator. What is the very best bullet vibrator for an experienced vibrator user like me will not always be the best choice for you whether you're just beginning.

Next, I will highlight some main points of consideration in choosing the best bullet vibrator on your own:

Substance of this Bullet Vibrator

One of the initial things I love to appear at when picking any sex toy is the substance used. In the event of bullet vibrators, the majority of the best bullet vibrator versions on the market are ABC Plastic or Silicone. I prefer silicone over vinyl, as it feels silky smooth and quite pleasurable, but ABS vinyl can perform just as well, based on the design used on the toy. However, unless you understand just what you would like and have some experience, I would stay away from vibrators made of glass or steel. They may seem cool, but to my head they feel overly stiff and stiff.

Cost of this Bullet Vibrator

Obviously this is obviously the first thing people consider when selecting any item. After all, who doesn't love a bargain? I know I really do. However, when it has to do with bullet vibrators and sex toys in general, the price tag doesn't necessarily show the real cost of a product, as odd as this may seem. What I found is that because not one of these cheap bullet vibrators had USB-rechargeable batteries, the cost of owning and with one climbed dramatically as time passes. The word"cheap" regarding vibrators can be quite deceiving.

As an instance, my very first purchase was a cheap bullet vibrator costing only about twelve dollars. I believed I'd found a mad deal, as the bullet vibrator was powerful and cost almost nothing in any respect. But after a few short months of, utilize I understood I had already spent 60$ on batteries ! The model used LR44 batteries, that have been difficult to locate and expensive in my region. Now, one of the very first things I look at is not the price tag, but rather the battery lifetime and rechargeability of the bullet vibrator.

Wired & Wireless Bullets

Wireless bullet vibrators are controlled with a remote which is usually placed on the bullet vibrator itself, whereas wired versions have another remote for controlling each the motor functions. Both have their own benefits and disadvantages, but in the end, I find wireless bullet vibrators to be the simplest to use and also the most comfortable. The cables of this bullet vibrator can get tangled involving you and your partner, they can break and also the cleaning procedure after a semester ends up taking more time. But an electric bullet vibrator ought to have a functional layout which enables you to change the settings during use. Needing to select the bullet vibrator from the sweet spot just to transfer between shaking patterns can ruin the whole experience, as you are constantly putting it on your clit and then taking it off .

Power and Rate of the Motor

This is maybe the main component that sets apart the best bullet vibrator from the worst. After all, what use will be a vibrator if it doesn't vibrate properly?

Your expertise level comes into play here as well. If you're just beginning, then you most likely don't have any need for a fancy 10 function bullet vibrator with endless different settings. You will find as much enjoyment out of a well-built single speed bullet vibrator.

However, in case you already have some experience behind the back or you wish to start with a real bang (currently we are talking!) , you might wish to take into account a bullet vibrator with numerous speeds and functions. They are generally pricier, but the extra flexibility more than compensated it for me personally.

Batteries and Rechargeability

As for me, I have grown so tired of shopping for batteries every time that I want to use a vibrator, I won't ever purchase anything aside from USB-rechargeable bullet vibrators ever again. Perhaps it doesn't seem like a big deal at first, but also the frustration of needing to rush to the shop rather than being able to use your favorite vibrator and appreciating yourself in the comfort of your home is quite real to me personally. Everything except the two budget selections within this listing of best bullet vibrators are all USB-rechargeable, therefore take this into account when deciding which bullet to get for yourself.

The way I Picked and Tested Bullet Vibrators

The ideal bullet vibrators had to perform well in each class, so as to be chosen for this list. They needed to be potent enough to bring you to climax by simply themselves, so they had to be durable enough for many years of constant use without breaking, they had to be easy to use for everyone and they needed to be quiet enough not to be heard in any respect from behind a closed door.

To evaluate these factors, I tested all of the six bullet vibrators I own, compared them against each other and made a ranking list from best to worst. I then went online and began my in-depth research. I hunted through all available material, such as online reviews, customer ratings, customer feedback pages along with the best selling sex toy webpages, to receive a second perspective in addition to my own, as women's bodies are all unique and I cannot assert a bullet vibrator which matches me perfectly will fit you all.

I evaluated both the short-term cost of having a particular bullet vibrator and also the long-term cost of owning you, to get a legitimate understanding of what type of bullet vibrator will price over the long term. For instance, some bullet vibrators needed an extremely cheap cost but the battery life was so brief that in a matter of weeks the cost of use would have risen to tens of thousands of dollars, because of the need to continuously purchase new LR44 batteriesthat are tough to find too.

What I Discovered

After performing all of the information collecting from all the various sources I found, later including my own experiences, and organizing the information in a comparative manner, I'd finally made a list of the ideal bullet vibrators in life! I was amazed to discover that in many cases there was no link whatsoever between price and quality, as the most expensive bullet vibrators were rarely the most effective bullet vibrators.

The We-Vibe Tango quickly climbed into the very top of my list as the ideal bullet vibrator, as it performed the finest in almost every class I tested. Its price is cheap (considering that it is a luxury bullet vibrator), it's USB-rechargeable, radio and also the design is so small that you would never guess it is a vibrator just from considering it. Thus, it took the number one spot concerning discreetness and stealthiness also. And above all, it is the most powerful bullet vibrator in life!

When matching all these best bullet vibrators against yet another, I placed the most emphasis on the energy and vibration patterns, because these will be the determining factors which will put aside the fair bullet from the best bullet vibrator. Even the Tango had the widest pattern of vibrations, which range from a gentle buzz to strong pulse waves moving through your own clitoris. The routines were totally fantastic, since they let you start off slowly and gradually move into the most intense settings until finally arriving at the potent climax.

The We-Vibe Tango attracted me so incredibly powerful orgasms, that it left my body shaking so sensitive, that a touch of a fingertip could make me scream! Need I say anything else?