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NewsCast 295: E3 Hangover

In this show Wes had Dan join him in the post E3 hangover. Download and Enjoy!
Posted by Wes De | 26 Jun 2017 | Podcast |

NewsCast 295: David Goes to E3

David C tells us about his trip to E3. HE MET REGGIE! But seriously it’s cool look into the behind the scenes of the show.
Posted by Wes De | 19 Jun 2017 | Podcast |

E3 2017 The Bullet Has Left The Chamber

In this show Wes and Evan do a quick and dirty recap of the events of E3. Download and enjoy!
Posted by Wes De | 14 Jun 2017 | Podcast |

NewsCast 293: Wait Capcom Made That

In this show Evan finally plays Resident Evil 7, Intel is caught with their pants down, Xbox game pass is meh, and Half Life 2 didn’t age well. These stories and much more await your download.
Posted by Wes De | 05 Jun 2017 | Podcast |