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NewsCast 284: Face Effect

In this show Wes and Evan talk about the Switch’s “Custom” chip, AMD stuff, the post office, and those wacky Mass Effect faces. These stories and much more await your download.
Posted by Wes De | 20 Mar 2017 | Podcast |

NewsCast 283: Zelda, GPUs, and The Good Son

In this show we talk more about Zelda, the 1080ti, PS4 4.5 system update, and movies that end in master. These satires and much more await your download.
Posted by Wes De | 13 Mar 2017 | Podcast |

Breath Of The Wild And The Switch

The title says it all! Wes shares his experiences with Nintendo’s new system while both (Evan and Wes) talk about the massive achievement that is Breath of the wild.
Posted by Wes De | 06 Mar 2017 | Podcast, Reviews |