The Madden ’16 Review You Deserve

Come one come all, to the beautiful show. “The Main Event” Bill Wright and the “Cruiserweight Champion” Ken L weigh in on this year’s Madden edition of Madden ’16. Do enjoy the insight from these two heavy hitting, grid-iron greats.
Posted by Anthony M | 11 Sep 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

Metal Gear Solid V Review (no spoilers)

Wes is 20 hours in, Evan is 30 hours in, and Dave is 45 hours in. We haven’t even put a dent into the ambitious Metal Gear Solid V. Hear us gush over Kojima’s swan song. This game is why we love games. (NO SPOILERS)
Posted by Wes De | 09 Sep 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

Windows 10 Review And Making A Rig

In this show Dan and Wes review Windows 10. As an added bonus Evan and Wes also discuss how Wes shopped for parts in making a gaming rig. It’s a fun show where you get to hear Wes talk positive about a Microsoft product.
Posted by Wes De | 05 Aug 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

Witcher And CD Projekt

Wes and Dave have played the Witcher 3 and we think you should too (well most of you). We talk about the game and the company behind the game /GOG. Side note: this show will NOT contain spoilers.
Posted by Wes De | 03 Jun 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

The Main Event: Witcher 3 Box Review

Podcast, getcha Podcast, heyah! The Main Event folks talk about the Witcher 3’s box. Yes, we only truly review the box. The majority of the show is other stuff involving things you may or may not find interesting (eg. WRPG) but it’s really all about the Box. Please check...
Posted by Anthony M | 22 May 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

PlayStation 2 Gems

In this show Wes and Evan talk about 4 Gems for the PS2. We have an RPG, First person horror, 2D side scroller, and a puzzle game. Download and expand your PS2 collection.
Posted by Wes De | 04 Mar 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

Majora’s Mask And The New 3DS Review

Wes and Evan review Majora’s Mask and the “new” 3DS. Plus we talk about other stuff. Download and have a listen!
Posted by Wes De | 18 Feb 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

HearthStone And PAX South

In this show Wes talks about his new addiction to Hearthstone and Dave tells us about his adventures at PAX South with Operation Supply Drop and Warfighter Engaged.
Posted by Wes De | 28 Jan 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

NintendoDS Gems

In this show Wes and Ken talk about 4 gems for the Nintendo DS. You know that little known system that only sold 154 million units. Download and enjoy!
Posted by Wes De | 07 Jan 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

2014 A Year In Gaming: The Good

We get the whole SOG crew together for a two-part show where we review 2014 a year in gaming! This is part 2: The Good
Posted by Wes De | 31 Dec 2014 | Podcast, Reviews |
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