The Main Event Pre-“Holidays”

The Main Event spares you from listening to the two most under qualified podcasters covering Game of the Year type topics. This show has it all from random, random, random to random. Please listen and enjoy!
Posted by Anthony M | 19 Dec 2014 | Podcast |

The Dark Below Expectations

The title pretty much says it all. Download and enjoy us rant on this less than stellar expansion.
Posted by Wes De | 17 Dec 2014 | Podcast, Reviews |

NewsCast 184: Saying Yes To No Man’s Sky

In this show we talk about a year of free games, peanut butter, new Amiibos, and a lot of No Man’s Sky. These tales of wonder and much more await your download.
Posted by Wes De | 15 Dec 2014 | Podcast |

The Main Event (barely) Rush Hour

The Main Event Podcast this week deal with a variety of topics ranging from UFC updates, mini controversial topics in general such as WWE 2K15 character creations, and a random out of the blue pick for best Holiday Gift. Tune in and stuff!
Posted by Anthony M | 12 Dec 2014 | Podcast |

The Keyboard Waffle Iron

We have a different kind of show up today! Who likes Waffles? Who uses a keyboard? Oh boy do I have a KickStarter for you. Download and enjoy!
Posted by Wes De | 10 Dec 2014 | Podcast |

NewsCast 183: Game Awards And Sony Experience

Too much for this little blurb, The Game Awards and the Sony Experience are talked about. It’s a big show. Have a listen!
Posted by Wes De | 08 Dec 2014 | Podcast |

The Main Event RPG Partaaaayyy

The Main Event has to give a big ups to a big name company for the idea to this show. The Enforcers of Podcast bring forth our dream team of RPGness…. uh… well join in and possibly share with us your RPG Dream Team. 
Posted by Anthony M | 05 Dec 2014 | Podcast |

Dragons And Aliens

In this show Wes and Dave sorta review Dragon Age and Alien Isolation. If you’re on the fence about buying these titles this show should help.
Posted by Wes De | 03 Dec 2014 | Podcast, Reviews |

NewsCast 182: Sony Changes Focus

In this show we talk about black Friday, an idea for Nintendo, why the Xbox is so big, and Sony changes focus to PlayStation. These stories and much more await your download.
Posted by Wes De | 01 Dec 2014 | Podcast |

The Main Event: WWE 2K15/Survivor Series Review

Special Thanksgiving Eve Edition of the Main Event and we hope it’s a treat for you! We review WWE 2K15 and the 2014 Survivor Series. You’re in store for classy shenanigans galore. Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Posted by Anthony M | 26 Nov 2014 | Podcast, Reviews |
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