Podcast: What is Nintendo and friends up to?

In this podcast we take time out of our busy lives to look at what Nintendo is up to with it’s new copyright on “massively single player games”. We also talk about other things to come from the big three. Wes De, Anthony M, and Martin G all weigh...
Posted by Wes De | 17 Aug 2011 | Podcast |

State of the Union: Sonic

Remember back in the early 90’s when kids would give each other bloody noses over who was better, Mario or Sonic. If you don’t the crew at Second Opinion does! In this “State of the Union” show we’ll talk about the blue hedgehog that went up against the red...
Posted by Wes De | 16 Aug 2011 | Podcast |

Review: Tetris DS (best games you’ve never played edition)

In this review podcast Wes De and Bigg CaZ will talk about their favorite version of one of their favorite games, Tetris. Yes we all know that Tetris is on everything and it’s a very well known and loved game but did you know which version is the best?...
Posted by Wes De | 15 Aug 2011 | Reviews |

Podcast 6: It pays to be Elite

It maybe the dry season for new games but that doesn’t mean the news stops. Wes De, Martin G, Bigg CaZ, and Anthony M star in this week’s podcast. Some vendors lower the 3DS price early, Activision is hoping you’ll dish out money for being “Elite”, and other tidbits...
Posted by Wes De | 11 Aug 2011 | Podcast |

Review: Shadows of the Damned

Wes De and Alvin C review EA’s new B movie (errrr…video game) Shadows of the Damned. If you’re like us and love horror classics like Evil Dead and From Dusk till Dawn then this game’s story is for you. But does it hold up as a good game? Have...
Posted by Wes De | 10 Aug 2011 | Reviews |

FighterCast 001

Anthony M takes charge in our new “Fighter” segment of our main podcast with help from Bigg CaZ and Alvin C. In this episode the gang addresses the current state of the fighting game genre, what happened at EVO, and much more. Whether you’re a button masher or a...
Posted by Wes De | 09 Aug 2011 | Podcast |

Streets of Rage 2 Review (best games you’ve never played edition)

The gang talks about an old SEGA beat’um up arcade classic, Streets of Rage 2. Wes De, Anthony M, and Angie M remember back to a simpler time, when street thugs had green hair and drove exploding motorcycles. This game is available on the SEGA website, and Wii/PSN online...
Posted by Wes De | 08 Aug 2011 | Reviews |

Podcast 5: Mildly Interesting

All sorts of fun things are talked about in this podcast featuring yours truly Wes De and his band of marry men Mike V, Anthony M, and Bigg CaZ. Which of the big three handles issues better, is the Kinect a fad, and will CaZ ever break 100,000 on...
Posted by Wes De | 04 Aug 2011 | Podcast |

Review: What We Play On Our Phones

In this review podcast Wes De, Anthony M, Bigg CaZ, and newcomer The Murf share their current top picks for smart phone gaming. Have a listen and see if some of these picks are for you.
Posted by Wes De | 03 Aug 2011 | Reviews |

Podcast Special: Paying to Play Better

In this special podcast Wes De, Anthony M, and Big Caz talk about the effect of micro-transactions for “enhancing” gameplay. Also our good friends at Blizzard are planning on making an in game economy “With Real Money”. You and your wallet should have a listen.
Posted by Wes De | 02 Aug 2011 | Podcast |
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