Streets of Rage 2 Review (best games you’ve never played edition)

The gang talks about an old SEGA beat’um up arcade classic, Streets of Rage 2. Wes De, Anthony M, and Angie M remember back to a simpler time, when street thugs had green hair and drove exploding motorcycles. This game is available on the SEGA website, and Wii/PSN online...
Posted by Wes De | 08 Aug 2011 | Reviews |

Podcast 5: Mildly Interesting

All sorts of fun things are talked about in this podcast featuring yours truly Wes De and his band of marry men Mike V, Anthony M, and Bigg CaZ. Which of the big three handles issues better, is the Kinect a fad, and will CaZ ever break 100,000 on...
Posted by Wes De | 04 Aug 2011 | Podcast |

Review: What We Play On Our Phones

In this review podcast Wes De, Anthony M, Bigg CaZ, and newcomer The Murf share their current top picks for smart phone gaming. Have a listen and see if some of these picks are for you.
Posted by Wes De | 03 Aug 2011 | Reviews |

Podcast Special: Paying to Play Better

In this special podcast Wes De, Anthony M, and Big Caz talk about the effect of micro-transactions for “enhancing” gameplay. Also our good friends at Blizzard are planning on making an in game economy “With Real Money”. You and your wallet should have a listen.
Posted by Wes De | 02 Aug 2011 | Podcast |

State of the Union: Metroid

I know we’re a new site but that doesn’t mean we can’t try something new. In this review podcast Wes De and Anthony M review the current state of the Metroid franchise in a new segment we call “State of the Union”.
Posted by Wes De | 01 Aug 2011 | Reviews |

Podcast 4 (lots of guests!)

Wes De and Angie M talk about their experience at the MoMA’s (Museum of Modern Art) “Art of Video Games” event hosted by Poprally. Also in this action packed podcast we have a huge panel of “experts” weighing in on the 3DS price cut, more love/hate for Capcom, an...
Posted by Wes De | 30 Jul 2011 | Podcast |

Bastion Review

Wes De and Alvin C look at a game that we consider the 2011 summer gem. Bastion is currently only on xbox live as a download (Windows launch TBA), and will set you back 1200 MS points (15$). Listen up to see if it’s for you!
Posted by Wes De | 29 Jul 2011 | Reviews |

Podcast 3 (Star Wars….nothing but Star Wars!)

In this (our third) podcast Wes De, Mike V, Martian G, and Auntie M (or Anthony M) talk about the Star Wars invasion of the MMO and Xbox. We also delve deep into Anthony’s  Capcom conspiracy!
Posted by Wes De | 26 Jul 2011 | Podcast |

Metal Slug 7 Review (best games you’ve never played edition)

Wes De and Anthony M review an older DS game, Metal Slug 7. If your DS is collecting dust and want a new game to extend the life of the system before you drop 250$ on the 3DS. Then take a listen and see if this 18$ Amazon bargain...
Posted by Wes De | 24 Jul 2011 | Reviews |

Podcast Dos (that means two)

In this podcast Wes De, Mike V, and Alvin C talk about what we’re waiting for this fall, some current disappointments in gaming, Ash’s relationship with his mother and father in the world of Pokemon, and much more!
Posted by Wes De | 21 Jul 2011 | Podcast |
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