The Hosts

Wes De

Grew up an indoor kid. I traded warm summer breezes and skin pigment for the inviting glow of the pixelated reality found in video games. After 20 years and over 30 game consoles and PCs, I have achieved a level of gaming nirvana that has noobs quaking in my presence.

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Alvin C. and/or the artist known as Bing

The Twitter handler or all Twitter handlers.

PSN ID: Albing007

XBOX Gamer Tag: This is Bing

Twitter: @BingalingColon


Anthony Martinez

“The Mid-Card from Midgar”

Lord of Winterfell. Grew into gaming during the time of the Great War between the Immovable Object of the Nintendo Clan and the Unstoppable Force of the Sega Dynasty. Evangelized Mario but almost betrayed him for the Sir Lancelot… I mean Sonic. Migrated to the mighty land of the Playstation once the Nintendo Clan betrayed me and I haven’t looked back since.

PSN ID: Antfest2099

XBOX Gamer Tag: <LOL>

Twitter: @SuperAntFunk


Bill Wright

“The Maint Event”

Gaming Specialty

  • Sports and Fighting Games but I’ll play anything

Favorite Game(s)

  • Final Fantasy VII

First Gaming Memory

  • Playing Atari at my older cousin’s house

What are you playing now?

  • Madden, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, NBA 2K16

Achievements: One of the best Madden players in the world. Ranked Number 1 on the East Coast multiple times throughout 2004-2008 and 1999 NVCC/ConnCAP Tekken 3 Champion.

PSN ID: CoachBill3

XBOX Gamer Tag: If you think that I have an Xbox account, you aren’t paying attention to our site

Twitter: @BallinAssBill


Martin G

Hey Gamers, I’m Martin G and I’m one of the hosts here on the Second Opinion Games Network. Most notably I was one of the main hosts for the most interactive show, In Your Pocket.

Gaming Specialty


Favorite Game(s)

  • Final Fantasy IV, VII and IX

What are you playing now?

  • Destiny: The Taken King

What are you looking forward to?

  • Square Enix making a good Final Fantasy game again

PSN ID: Martin613

XBOX Gamer Tag: {RIP Gamer Tag}


Ken L

“The Social Media God”

K-D-L! K-D-L!

I grew up with the Nintendo and Sega. I had few games but memorable experiences with the SNES, PS1, and N64. I’m a sucker for all things Mega Man, Sonic, and Final Fantasy related. Outside of gaming, I am usually neck deep in fantasy football and also like to lift things up and put them down.

Gaming Preferences

  • Platformers, Sports, RPGs, Fighting Games

Gaming Weaknesses:

  • FPS, RTS, MMOs

Favorite Game

  • Chrono Trigger

First Gaming Memory

  • Playing Mario 1 at the neighbor’s house

Greatest Gaming Achievements

  • Making my high school senior project about Chrono Trigger. Beating Zelda: OOT with only three hearts

Twitter: @KennethDL

PSN ID: Follow on Twitter and DM me


Dave C

NewsCast extraordinaire and other, other things… (waiting for him to provide more info)

Twitter: @RoboCrouse



Ah… See Dave’s parenthetical


FighterCast Crew:

Skillz Nathaniel | Esco | Paul Tiberius