The Main Event Snuffigus

The Main Event is here and your Anthony M’s pathetic Amiibo Central. Tune in for new updates on Amiibo Hunting, Bill’s visit to the park, and some fun time with words. Enjoy!
Posted by Anthony M | 27 Feb 2015 | Podcast |

WinterBrawl 9

WinterBrawl, we barely knew ye but had a blast. Bill Wright and Anthony recap their time in the state of PA. Sadly, Ken L was still 5 hours away. Close but so far. But tune in and yay!
Posted by Anthony M | 25 Feb 2015 | Podcast |

NewsCast 193: Skip The Order And Buy Homeworld

In this show Wes and Dave get salty about micro transaction, Amiibos sitting on the docks, the stupid American Consumer, and why you need to buy Homeworld Remastered. These stories and much more await your download.
Posted by Wes De | 23 Feb 2015 | Podcast |

The Main Event: Pre-WinterBrawl 9

The Main Event brings to the folks what they really need: more Amiibos stuff. Yay! Also, some other stuff… blah, blah, blah… Fine, we also talk about Winterbrawl. By the time you hear this, we fine folks will be there live. Check out the streams and enjoy everything.
Posted by Anthony M | 20 Feb 2015 | Podcast |

Majora’s Mask And The New 3DS Review

Wes and Evan review Majora’s Mask and the “new” 3DS. Plus we talk about other stuff. Download and have a listen!
Posted by Wes De | 18 Feb 2015 | Podcast, Reviews |

NewsCast 192: Peter Disappoints Again

In this show we talk about broken promises, Amiibo craziness, Zelda edition consoles, and tattoos. These stories and much more await your download.
Posted by Wes De | 16 Feb 2015 | Podcast |

The Main Event: Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah

The Main Event (aka your Second Opinion Games Amiibo Central – SOGAC) brings to topic an old favorite. Feast on some Capcom Cupcakes folk. But that’s only the appetizer. The Main Event of the evening is trying to figure out how to get this kids paid. Amirite?! If Kobe...
Posted by Anthony M | 13 Feb 2015 | Podcast |

Warfighter Engaged

In this show Wes talks to Ken Jones the man behind Warfighter Engaged the organization that Dave C is a partner in. Their mission is to get wounded warriors back into the greatest hobby ever, gaming. It’s a great show and please visit their site if you’d like to...
Posted by Wes De | 11 Feb 2015 | Podcast |

NewsCast 191: Nintendo is the new Metallica

Nintendo is the new Metallica, The Legend of Zelda might become a Netflix show, 1080p gaming rig for 400$ might be bought, and can micro transactions save Destiny? These stories and much more await your download.
Posted by Wes De | 09 Feb 2015 | Podcast |

The Main Event: Hello/Goodbye, Old Friend

Good morningafternoonevening! The day has come where The Main Event returns in a day of happiness, joy, and a bit of sad-happy stuff. Tune in for some Anthony, Ken, and Billiam shenanigans.
Posted by Anthony M | 06 Feb 2015 | Podcast |
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